MURDERCASTLE is the lastest world-premiere original rock opera, by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. Set during the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, MURDERCASTLE recounts the disturbing tale of America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes – the empire he created, and the brutal fate of his victims.

With a musical score ranging from death metal to orchestral strings, BROS will be going back in time for its biggest, darkest, most ambitious show to date.


BROS strives to create impossibly epic stage productions that are accessible to all. We also pride ourselves on running a box office that is user-friendly and puts as little as possible between you and the glorious experience that awaits! To make this possible, all tickets purchased online include a $2.00 service fee to cover the costs of box office software and credit card processing.

For those who want the best rock theater experience, we're offering BROS Supporter Tickets. For $10 more, our lovely ushers will meet you at the door and escort you to the best seats in the house!


MURDERCASTLE contains adult themes, gore, and staged violence – like, more so than a typical BROS show. Please use discretion before bringing your children to see MURDERCASTLE. If you have any specific questions about the shows appropriateness, contact us at

No shows currently for sale.